We are living in a world with more screens, more noise, more information, more everything than ever before.

It has never been easier in the entire history of the world for us to reach the entire world. Against this backdrop, a war is being waged and a battle is being fought. Brands, companies, organisations, agencies are locked in an unending and vociferous fight to secure a valuable but increasingly scarce commodity… Our Attention

With our always on, always connected, Constant flow culture, to win this battle for attention, we need to do more than just provide more noise. More is not enough, what is required is better. Better communication. Better story telling. Better engagement. Greater relevance.

To capture peoples attention is going to take imagination, a forensic understanding of the audience and engaging content.

Better is good, better is great but what really gets us going is the mission to go beyond better and aim for EXTRAORDINARY.

That is, extraordinary creativity, extraordinary communication, extraordinary storytelling, extraordinary engagement.

So, to celebrate and champion the pursuit of extraordinary, we have decided to bring you some of the most extraordinary work happening in the culture, and we have called it The Daily Grenade.

The Daily Grenade will be a deadly dose of explosive content lobbed straight tin to your inbox. In the war of ideas and the battle for attention, a great idea is a always a good weapon to have in your creative arsenal.

The Daily Grenade will be coming to you from the creative, cultural and entrepreneurial frontline, discovering and spreading extraordinaty stories and ideas

We also want to hear  from you about the stories, ideas and communication that are inspiring you.

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